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I hope you enjoyed my chat with Bella on the Bella In Your Business Podcast! As an exclusive offer just for her listeners:


8 Steps to Creating Amazing Video on a Tiny Budget is available to you for 50% off for a limited time.


If that wasn't awesome enough, be one of the first 50 students to pre-register and be automatically entered to win a 40" carbon fiber camera slider, motor and remote unit from Digital Juice!

Sound good so far?

8 Steps to Creating Amazing Video on A TINY Budget


Session 1: Content

Session 2: Gear

Session 3: Image: Lighting, Composition

Session 4: Audio

Session 5: Directing

Session 6: B-Roll

Session 7: Editing 101

Session 8: Uploading & Distribution

Camera, ball head and Chucks not included. But I like your optimism!


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